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Dell’s gift to haters: A tool to block all gay websites – Gay Star News

Transgender woman’s lawsuit leads to CDC policy change for breast cancer screenings – The Huffington Post

A member of Vladimir Putin’s party urges changes to Russia’s anti-gay law – BuzzFeed

Queen Elizabeth posthumously pardons Alan Turing, father of modern computing convicted of “homosexuality” – Washington Blade

End-of-life care for an aging LGBT population - Advocate

World’s first lesbian head of government to headline WorldPride summit – Gay Star News

Putin and friends win “awards” for anti-gay abuses – Gay Star News

Why are people changing their minds about marriage equality? – Sociological Images

Ugandan president to study anti-gay bill before signing it into law - Towelroad


California schools begin preparing for transgender student rights law – Towleroad

Utah lawyers to attempt Supreme Court appeal against marriage equality – PinkNews

Meet the lesbian parents of baby quintuplets – Advocate

Straight Texas club boots gay couple for violating “same-sex dancing ban” – Queerty

Indiana: The next battleground in fight for marriage equality – Towleroad

Houston and its lesbian mayor being sued over offering then rescinding benefits to LGBT couples – Gay Star News

Gay San Diego man suffers broken eye socket and ribs during savage attack with baseball bat – Gay Star News

Man arrested on Christmas after threatening to kill sister if she turns his daughter gay – Queerty

All Utah counties now issuing marriage licenses to LGBT couples - Towelroad


In their own words: LGBT advocates on the state of transgender issues – Advocate

The biggest transgender moments of 2013: Chelsea Manning, Fallon Fox, Laverne Cox, and more – The Huffington Post

New Year’s resolutions for the modern LGBT woman – After Ellen

My 2014 resolution as a gay Christian? Keep pressing play – The Huffington Post

13 reasons why not fitting in as a kid makes you an awesome adult – BuzzFeed

The case for dating Shiksas: Why one gay Jewish woman dates outside of the tribe – The Huffington Post

VIDEO: AFER recaps the top marriage equality moments of 2013 – The Huffington Post

Of note: 2013’s most powerful letters about love and acceptance - Out


Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson “more offensive” than Rosa Parks’ bus driver – Out

Five of the best LGBT graphic novels in 2013 – Advocate

Indian actor Imran Khan answers ignorant questions about gay people – Gay Star News


2013: The year in lesbian/bi sports – After Ellen

Former Houston Oilers say two teammates were openly gay, was “no big deal” – Queerty

Colorado State defensive line coach suspended for anti-gay slur – LGBT Weekly

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