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Ugandan bishop: Don't hurt gays, they are gods children too - PinkNews

Awful Russian anti-gay terrorist who tortured gays on camera gets five years in prison - Queerty

Cities, small towns across America attempt to fill gaps in LGBT equality - BuzzFeed

Gavin McInnes pushed out of ad agency while defending transphobic views - The Advocate

Thai government stops same-sex couple at border with surrogate baby - The Advocate

Anti-gay Ugandan Inter-Religious Council sacks all staff after USAID withdraws funding - Gay Star News

Most US Republicans would vote for a gay congressman but still wouldn't want one in their family - Gay Star News

Cuba: Mariela Castro casts first ever vote against government over LGBT protections - PinkNews


Couples ask Arkansas court not to delay marriage for same-sex couples from taking place - PinkNews

WATCH: San Francisco police department welcomes first transgender officer - The Advocate

Man sentenced to two years in prison for fighting back against violent antigay attackers - Queerty


The duality of being a gay Christian - The Huffington Post

Why I write as a "gay dad" rather than simply as a "dad" - The Huffington Post

17 honest quotes from celebrities on coming out of the closet - BuzzFeed


Michelle Duggar records transphobic robocall opposing Arkansas anti-discrimination bill - The Huffington Post

Michigan Womyn's Musical Festival releases statement concerning trans women - BuzzFeed

40 under 40: Omar Sharif Jr. carries weight of Arab world with substance, dignity - The Advocate

Drawn to Comics: Meet the "Trans Girl Next Door" - Autostraddle

Laverne Cox "so thankful" she survived suicide attempt - Gay Star News


Argentinean Football Association pledges support to gay football squad - PinkNews

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