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ACLU to sue military if Chelsea Manning isn't given appropriate medical treatment - Towleroad

One Millions Moms angry over a commercial featuring two gay dads - Gay Star News

The nearly 400,000 member American Bar Association takes a stand for LGBT equality - Gay Star News

Singapore police ban LGBT fun run, citing "public order" threat - Gay Star News

Popular Kenyan musician introduces bill to stone foreign gays to death - The Advocate

Wall Street welcomes first openly gay bank CEO on New York Stock Exchange - PinkNews

Top 50 LGBT-friendly colleges - Washington Blade

New study identifies barriers to mental health services for young people - The Huffington Post

Turkey's gay community rallies in support of newly elected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - LGBT Weekly


Arizona rules transgender man can divorce his wife - PinkNews

Tennessee judge delivers first blow to legal marriage equality - The Advocate

Historic vote brings comprehensive transgender health care to Oregon's Medicaid program - The Huffington Post

California senate considers gender neutral language for birth certificates - The Advocate

Virginia county clerk petitions SCOTUS to stop marriage equality scheduled to begin Thursday - Towleroad

Legal handbook for LGBT Floridians offered free of charge - The Rainbow Times

Baton Rouge council votes down anti-discrimination ordinance - PinkNews


Black gay men, advocacy, memory, and the South - The Huffington Post

The QPOC Speakeasy speaks out wth love to Mike Brown - Autostraddle

Tired of Black people being attacked in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere - TransGriot

Medical experts: Laura Ingraham's transgender advice is "dangerous," "child abuse" - Equality Matters

Lesbians: stereotypes vs reality - BuzzFeed

Years of words from MichFest's Lisa Vogel - LGBT Weekly


VIDEO: "Boulevard," one of Robin Williams' last films, is about a closeted gay man's struggle for self-acceptance - Towleroad

Tyler Glenn launches Kickstarter for doc about LGBT Mormons - Out

Lupita Nyong'o celebrates gay friend's wedding with message of love - Towleroad

Anthony Bourdain backs marriage equality - The Huffington Post

Watch now! The women of "L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin" answer your questions - AfterEllen

VIDEO: Pastor tells Vicky Beeching she is "giving into a lie" by coming out - PinkNews

Comedian Mike Birbiglia joining OITNB - Out

"Adventure Time" actor confirms Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen once dated - BuzzFeed

WATCH: Documentary uncovers horrors face by two gay Iranian refugees - The Advocate

Ariana Grande's "Break Your Heart Right Back" is about a guy leaving a girl for a guy - The Huffington Post


First out NBA player Jason Collins considering retirement - PinkNews

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