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Israel will now allow Jews to immigrate, gain citizenship with non-Jewish same-sex spouses - Towleroad

Lesbian couple raising twins sue Taiwanese government to get both recognized as mothers - Gay Star News

The fight for LGBT equality in Jamaica starts in a storm drain - The Huffington Post

National Poetry Slam 2014 is queerer than all the other slams forever - Autostraddle

Police raid Lebanon bathhouse, arrest 27 men on gay claims - Gay Star News

Design announced for LGBT Veterans memorial in DC - Washington Blade


LGBT rights groups issue joint letter after Missouri teen killed by cop - PinkNews

LA man sues doctor for "chronic homosexuality" diagnosis - Towleroad

Anti-trans violence in NYC subway - Elixher

Orlando unanimously approves transgender non-discrimination protections - BuzzFeed

After suicide, gay teen's eye donation rejected due to sexual orientation - The Advocate

A teacher who came out to his whole school received a beautiful note from a student for years later - BuzzFeed

Here's how Rand Paul explains why the GOP can't favor marriage equality - The Advocate

Mississippi couples to record out of state marriages in pro-equality statement - PinkNews

Man reacts through text to discovering his brother is gay on Reddit - The Huffington Post

4th Circuit denies request for stay--Virginia same-sex marriages to start next week - The New Civil Rights Movement

Portland Apple store prints receipt for "f**" customer, declines to rectify situation - Queerty


6 CIA officers on coming out, McCarthy, and gay recruiting - The Advocate

Michfest could change its trans female intention only if it tried, only if it wanted to - Autostraddle

Cameron Espositio, stand-up comic, talks being a woman who doesn't sleep with men - The Huffington Post

When we talk reproductive justice, we nee to talk about surrogate parents  - Autostraddle

The trouble with Thought Catalog - The Huffington Post


Musical about lesbian sexual awakening t open on Broadway - PinkNews

7 trans films from the summer film festival circuit that you must see  - The Huffington Post

TV dad Robert Reed instilled fierce pro-gay values in the Brady kids - Queerty

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman hints Daryl could be gay - Gay Star News

Christian rock star Vicky Beeching comes out as gay: "God loves me just the way I am" - PinkNews Live Chat with the women of "L World Mississippi: Hate the sin" on Thursday - AfterEllen

Lady Gaga reads lesbian fan letter at concert - The Huffington Post

Transmormon sheds light on trans members of the LDS Church - The Huffington Post

Watch: Lauren Bacall sings an dances in a NYC gay bar in Broadway's "Applause" - The New Civil Rights Movement

George Takei provides last minute funding for indie Boy Scouts series - Towleroad


Arizona State linebacker Chip Sarafin comes out, but that's hardly the most interesting thing about him - Queerty

Catholic High School chooses to keep openly gay coach  Nate Alfson - The Huffington Post

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