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NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL petition asks OKCupid to expand options for sexual orientation, gender identity - Towleroad

Human Rights Watch: Gay men hunted, raped and killed by Syrian Army - PinkNews

French Uber driver fired for refusing to pick up gay people - Towleroad

Live Out Loud awards five LGBT students college scholarships - Queerty

HuffPost Live discusses being gay or trans in Brazil - The Huffington Post

Uganda proposes new law to tackle NGOs promoting "very bad homosexuality" - PinkNews

FBI director James Comey calls for better hate crime tracking - The Huffington Post

Gay teens more likely to use steroids than straight teens - Queerty

The complex paradox of transgender equality in India - Autostraddle

Russian, Armenian petitions seek drag performer's removal from Eurovision - The Advocate

Mormon survey changes problematic wording of sexuality question - The Advocate

Oldest LGBT bookstore in the US closing in May - Gay Star News

New US Defense Department charter is gay inclusive but trans exclusive - Gay Star News


Northwestern community evaluates culture, resources for transgender students - The Huffington Post

Court reverses ruling to recognize same-sex couples' marriages in Tennessee - PinkNews

Tennessee wedding venue refuses to hold commitment ceremony for two Iraq veterans - PinkNews

Louisiana legislature kills housing anti-discrimination bill - PinkNews

Poll: "Overwhelming" support for marriage equality in Colorado despite ban - PinkNews

Clergy members claim North Carolina marriage equality ban violates their religious freedom - The Huffington Post

Print shop proudly refuses service to gay people - Instinct


Tired of people racistly painting trans women of color as "uniquely violent" - TransGriot

Photographer Meg Allen explores "butch imagery" with new project - The Huffington Post

LGBT parenting: Does every moment have to be a teaching moment? - The Huffington Post

"Understand intersectionality, know your privilege, and don't be a dick" - Feministing

Gay priest: LGBT acceptance needs to be taught within Catholic discourse - The Huffington Post

10 Bible-based reasons why Christians should love homosexuality - Queerty

WATCH: US vets speak out for marriage equality - Instinct


VIDEO: Barney Frank's husband calls documentary about his life "rude" and "embarrassing" - Towleroad

Iggy Azalea: Lots of singers are "fake bisexuals" and "fake lesbians" - PinkNews

AUDIO: Anti-gay pastor rips Kacey Musgraves for pro-gay lyrics - Towleroad

Evan Rachel Wood: "I was so scared and cried so hard" when I came out as bisexual - PinkNews

Dolly Parton says she supports marriage equality - Gay Star News

Sharon Osbourne urges fans to boycott Brunei-owned hotels over "stone the gays" law - PinkNews

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