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Union: Teachers are facing devastating levels of online anti-gay abuse from students - PinkNews

Indonesia's first transgender boarding school reopens its doors - PinkNews

India: Supreme Court agrees to hear plea against anti-gay law - PinkNews

Turkish university cancels talks on homosexuality due to Hezbullah fears - PinkNews

US Department of Justice launches trans outreach training initiative - The Advocate

Gay widower asks for marriage-based green card - The Advocate

Study: Childhood bullying effects persists for decades - The Advocate

First transgender woman to campaign in Indian general elections - Gay Asia News


Breaking: Federal marriage lawsuit filed in Georgia - Washington Blade

Transgender community seeks dialogue to break barriers - The Take Away

Judge keeps documents on anti-gay discredited Mark Regnerus parenting away from public eyes - All Voices

Transgender teen's imprisonment is "unconstitutional," Connecticut lawyer says - The Huffington Post

Pennsylvania couples file for summary judgment in marriage ban case - PinkNews

Indiana judge: "No valid reason" to not recognize terminally ill lesbian's marriage - PinkNews

Illinois clinic withholds treatment from trans patient - Queerty

Oregon marriage ban in court -- without any defense - The Advocate

Brooklyn queer women of color photo exhibit sparks community dialogue - Elixher

Boy Scouts revoke charter of Seattle troop with gay leader - Seattle Times

Oregon bar found guilty of discriminating against trans patrons shuts its doors - The Advocate

12 states still have anti-sodomy laws a decade after they were ruled unconstitutional - The Huffington Post

Smith College students continue fight over discriminatory policy on transgender applicants - BuzzFeed

NOM claims standing in Oregon marriage case - The New Civil Rights Movement

NYC bar owner sues landlord over lease forbidding gay bar - Frontiers LA

Houston Mayor introduces sweeping human rights ordinance - Think Progress


Arianna Huffington on coming out, "thrive" and Ellen DeGeneres' success - The Huffington Post

The new book about the marriage equality movement gets the big things wrong - BuzzFeed

PHOTOS: Fluid and bi-identified artists - The Advocate

"Gay parenting" is just parenting - The Advocate

Op-ed: Who is sticking up for southern LGBT families? - The Advocate

Human rights are (transgender) soldier rights - The Huffington Post

Open thread: Keeping it LGBT in the suburbs - Autostraddle

WATCH: Cokie Roberts stands up to anti-gay religious activists - The Advocate


"America's Next Top Model" contestant Eugena Washington uses trans slur & mocks trans woman on Instagram - Elixher

Kristen Merlin on Shakira's Sapphic video and singing country while gay - AfterEllen

Matt Bomer: The Normal Heart changed his life - OUT

Openly gay Oscar producers asked to return for 2015 Academy Awards - Gay Star News

MTV's "Faking It" is pretty good, for real - Autostraddle


WWE teams up with NOH8 - NOH8 Campaign

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