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REPORT: High rates of violence, discrimination against bisexual people – The Advocate

Heading toward the supremes – The Huffington Post

Vietnam man arrested in Burundi for relationship with another man – Gay Star News

Gay and bisexual men in London face "worsening" sexual health – PinkNews

London protest planned against Gambian anti-gay law – PinkNews

Canada LGBT advocate dies in freak accident – Gay Star News

US support for marriage equality dips below 50% - Gay Star News

Croatia may turn gulag into resort for LGBT community – Gay Star News

South African mosque welcomes gay people, women, Christians, Muslims – The Advocate

Australian trans man fires back at clerk who publicly embarrassed him – The Advocate

Egyptian advocates launching twitter and blog campaign against LGBT brutality – Gay Star News

Stories of our lives is an intimate, masterly portrayal of Kenya's LGBT community – The Huffington Post

1 is 2 many: Ending sexual assault on college campuses – National Center for Transgender Equality

Chinese man sues clinic for "ex-gay conversion therapy," calls on world health organization for support: VIDEO – Towleroad

Stein club president named co-director of GetEQUAL – Washington Blade


Advances in the treatment of transgender children and the hurdles yet to be overcome – The Huffington Post

Louisiana judge rules marriage equality ban unconstitutional, clashing with federal court – BuzzFeed LGBT

NYC trans man who chose not to transition speaks out: "I'm a guy" - VIDEO – Towleroad

Arizona Christian group says marriage equality will lead to less straight couples' marriages - VIDEO – Towleroad

Nonprofits team up to get computers to underprivileged LGBT teens – BuzzFeed LGBT

Gay couple win parenting blog award – Gay Star News

Utah activists use gay parents' kids to oppose marriage equality –SheWired

Catholic clergy demand that gay couple divorce –The Advocate

This ex-marine father’s touching response to his son’s coming out letter will make you cry – Queerty

Pennsylvania state rep. trying to pass bill outlawing anti-gay hate crimes this week – The New Civil Rights Movement

Imperial court gala – Washington Blade


Bisexual visibility day: 22 reasons why we're celebrating – The Huffington Post

It’s Bisexual Awareness Week! Here are five ways to celebrate – Autostraddle

Op-ed: My bi choice – The Advocate

Op-ed: Having a transgender parent helped make my sons into better men – The Advocate

She asked if she still made me nervous – Autostraddle

Why 16-year-old transgender teen Jane Doe might have run – The Huffington Post


"The Roosevelts:" Ken Burns closets Eleanor, disappears FDR's entrapment scandal in the navy – The Huffington Post

A look at 28 celebrities who are bisexual in honor of celebrate bisexuality day 2014 – The Huffington Post

Faking It's Michael J. Willett is the teen heartthrob we've been waiting for – The Advocate

In the galleries: The erotic tension of Charles James – The Advocate

Tegan and Sara open for Katy Perry’s “Prismatic” tour -- AfterEllen

Comedy crush: Everything Brittani Nichols touches turns to hilarious – Autostraddle

t.A.T.u singer fails to apologize to gay fans in her apology to gay fans – Gay Star News

Honey Boo Boo's uncle poodle engaged to boyfriend – Towleroad

Dance, protest & the ghost of Michael Brown – Out Magazine


UFC women's champ refuses to fight trans athlete Fallon Fox – The Advocate

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