"ASOS x glaad" retail collab launches for the Together Movement

Above: Tommy Dorfman wearing Relaxed Long Sleeve T-Shirt (left), and T-Shirt with Tropical Print

On November 3, GLAAD launched "ASOS x glaad&," a retail collaboration with online fashion retailer, ASOS, in support of the Together Movement, lead by GLAAD. The collection is comprised of clothing and accessory pieces featuring the "&" symbol. The "&" symbol represents the power of all our voices, together, resisting discrimination and hate. Proudly wearing the ampersand is one way for people to unite in accelerating acceptance.

This collaboration is a way to embody an important message of solidarity for all marginalized communities subject to discrimination. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated directly towards GLAAD, so be sure to take a look at some of the items below and shop the full collection over at asos.com.

Left to right: Mical Klip and Donis Almanzar, wearing Relaxed Long Sleeve T-Shirt and T-Shirt with Tropical Print

The collection is modelled by Tommy Dorfman of 13 Reasons Why fame, who was recently honored at the GLAAD Atlanta Gala with a Rising Star award. Models Mical Klip, Amara Desta Korley, Kemi, Maya Aguayo, Hayley Small, Fifi Vida, Richie Shazam, Brian De Souza, Khalid Livingston, Delbert Perez, David Parnel, Adam Eli, Donis Almanzar, Hakeem Nieght, and Butchy Santiago are also part of this incredible retail campaign. 

Tommy Dorfman, wearing the ASOS x GLAAD T Shirt with Tropical Print
David Parnel, in the ASOS x GLAAD Relaxed T-Shirt with Tropical Print
Left to right: Hakeem Nieght, Fifi Vida, and Butchy Santiago, wearing the Relaxed Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Relaxed T Shirt with Embroidery, and Oversized Hoodie With Back Print, respectively
Amara Desta Korley, wearing the ASOS x GLAAD Relaxed Long Sleeve T Shirt
Left to right: Kemi and Maya Aguayo, wearing the Oversized Sweatshirt with Embroidery and Relaxed T Shirt with Embroidery
Adam Eli, wearing Relaxed T Shirt with Embroidery 
Khalid, wearing the ASOS X GLAAD Necklace
Left to right: Adam Eli, Richie Shazam, andTommy Dorfman, wearing Relaxed T Shirt with Embroidery, Relaxed T-Shirt with Tropical Print, and Oversized Hoodie with Back Print, respectively 


The Together Movement is a call for members of all marginalized communities to stand together and resist the forces that seek to divide them. The ampersand or "&", which represents the movement, symbolizes that nobody is just one identity, and all marginalized people, especially those with intersecting identities, are more powerful when they work together. ASOS has long been committed to "Fashion with Integrity," promoting sustainability within the fashion industry. GLAAD, the world's leading LGBTQ media advocacy organization, re-writes the script for LGBTQ+ acceptance since its founding in 1985.