GLAAD launches new grantmaking program to amplify LGBTQ stories, support content creators

Today, when the voices of marginalized communities are speaking out to challenge those who would otherwise silence them, GLAAD launches glaadgrants :  a platform to amplify LGBTQ content creators and their diverse stories.

glaadgrants was established to ensure that innovative, creative and diverse LGBTQ stories in entertainment media are supported with needed completion funding for in-progress works. Additionally, content creators will have guidance from experienced and professional mentors, all in an effort to help them share their vision. GLAAD's overarching goal is to develop a pipeline of talented LGBTQ content creators that  are prepared and ready to move into the mainstream of Hollywood and be top of mind for entertainment industry studios and networks.

GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis shared that:

“Our vision is to support and inspire content creators to tell stories that accelerate acceptance of LGBTQ people here at home and around the world.  With a special emphasis on under-represented LGBTQ people, GLAAD’s work empowers real people to tell stories and amplify their voices, and glaadgrants is our latest initiative towards that goal.”

Those interested in submitting can visit glaadgrants to learn about criteria for eligibility, submission and application guidelines, as well as FAQs. The deadline for receipt of submissions is 5pm PT on Friday, March 24th, 2017.  There are no entry fees.

Studio Responsibility IndexAccording to GLAAD’s 2016 Studio Responsibility Index, only 17.5% of all major film studio releases in 2015 included LGBTQ-identified characters, with decreased racial diversity over the preceding year. And of the 895 series regular characters expected to appear on broadcast primetime programming within the 2016-2017 season, according to GLAAD’s most recent Where We Are On TV Report, only 4.8% were counted  The expansion into digital platforms, such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, is bringing inclusive and often groundbreaking portrayals of LGBTQ characters, but more is needed.

While GLAAD continues to devote countless hours to meetings with studio and network executives, showrunners, and staff at all levels of the creative process, glaadgrants commits resources to developing a pipeline of new and exciting talent that will be poised to become tomorrow’s LGBTQ leaders in Hollywood.  In addition to financial grants and mentorships provided by industry professionals through this new initiative, grant recipients will also be supported by making sure the entertainment industry is aware of these new voices and knows where to find them.  This is an investment GLAAD makes today for tomorrow’s LGBTQ visionaries.

AmpersandIn addition to glaadgrants, amplifying voices of those who are marginalized and often made to feel invisible is also the focus of GLAAD's Together Campaign.  Serving as a virtual town square for supporters to receive information on upcoming events, petition discriminatory legislation, amplify real stories of those impacted, and connect across social media, Together unites all marginalized communities; and in unity we declare to resist, persist and prevail against hateful and non-inclusive legislation, policy and rhetoric.