GLAAD Interview: Pop-Star Zolita is using her platform to “spotlight the beauty of queer relationships.”

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos was joined by the singer, songwriter, and director behind the “I F*cking Love You'' cinematic trilogy, Zolita. The queer pop-star is thrilled to be performing at LA Pride on June 11th, alongside huge names in the industry like Christina Aguilera, Anita, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, and so many others.

On April 27th, Zolita released the final installment of her 3-part music video series. Zolita starts the interview talking about what it is about her songs and music videos that resonate so deeply with young, queer audiences. “I feel like queer people are so drawn to that happy ending because it might not be something they get very often in entertainment.” She says.

She goes on to say that, “For a conservative audience, the fact that I’m telling this queer love story through a familiar structure for them, the traditional rom-com, early 2000s structure that we’re all familiar with, has more of an ability to change hearts and minds in that way. It normalizes and humanizes the queer experience.”

The DIY artist and content creator whose music already has over 120 million streams, excitedly reveals that she has new music coming soon!

As she prepares to perform at Los Angeles Pride, Zolita reflects on what queer joy means to her. She says, “Queer joy is being proud to stand next to my girlfriend and get to express our love in front of anybody and getting to tell stories about queer love that aren’t neccesarily so heavy or so fraught with challenges… The whole community goes through so many challenges but I think it’s also so important to also spotlight the beauty of queer relationships.”

When asked what advice she has for the younger generation, she says “Find the community of people online that makes you feel good and seen and just be mindful of what you’re consuming. But I feel like Tik Tok is a really awesome place to be as a young queer person. So many types of queerness are celebrated on Tik Tok.”

Zolita teases her setlist for LA Pride and even reveals that she’ll be playing some unreleased music at the show. Check out Zolita’s latest music video for “I F*cking Love You.”