GLAAD Interview: The Courtship’s Christian Cones on Being Sexually Fluid: “I think it’s really important, whether there’s a camera or not, that I’m the best version of myself.”

USA’s latest relationship reality series, The Courtship transports viewers to a Regency-style England where a group of eligible hopeful suitors hope to win the heart of one heroine…think The Bachelorette meets Bridgerton!  Earlier this season and one of the suitors, Mr. Cones (Christian Lee Cones) made the brave decision to speak about his sexuality to the woman he is courting, Ms Rémy and told her that he identifies as sexually fluid. Queer inclusion in these types of shows is still relatively small and the fact that this storyline wasn’t promoted or sensationalized in advance was a step in the right direction.  

In a new interview with GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos, Christian opened up about why it was important for him to talk about being sexually fluid while competing on the show, what it means for representation and inclusion in the space of romance reality shows, and what we can expect for the big finale.  Spoiler alert…he’s still in the competition to win Ms Rémy’s hand in marriage!


“I feel good, I feel really free, I feel really comfortable in my skin.” Cones tells Ramos adding that the amount of love and support he has received from fans since coming out has blown him away. “It really just makes me hopeful for the future. Especially growing up where I did, I never would’ve imagined we would progress to this point in society. So, it feels really good,” he says.

When reflecting on Ms. Rémy’s reaction to his openness, Cones said “This is hot,” and he says that he found her response refreshing.  Moreover he says he appreciated the fact that she “was able to understand my point of view when maybe this isn’t what she was used to.” The suitor says that her nonchalant and open minded reaction made him feel even more attracted to her than ever, and luckily for Cones, he is now amongst the final four suitors to win Ms. Rémy’s heart. 

It’s important to remember that Cones did not have to disclose this on the series, but he says he felt like it was something he truly felt compelled to do.  “I think it’s really important, whether there’s a camera or not, that I’m the best version of myself. Which means staying true to myself and being the most authentic version. I wouldn’t feel good doing that show and not baring it all out there. I would feel like I’m hiding or I’d feel shameful of other parts of me that I should just be owning. There’s nothing weird or strange about liking more than one gender or just being attracted and open in general to humans,” he shares with Ramos.

Although he’s comfortable in his own skin today, Cones says that he hasn’t always been able to be this open and proud of his sexuality. “To break outside of those barriers was tough, but it's added all the character and layers that I have to me.  This narrative that I’ve been told really wasn’t making sense anymore. The more I started to question it, the more I started to find answers within myself,” he continued in the interview with Ramos.

With only four suitors left, it is almost time for Ms. Rémy to decide which suitor is her one true love. Luckily for Cones, he has already won over her mother. “If I can impress the mom, what else do I really have to do?” Cones jokes. 

Regardless of what happens in the finale, Cones says that the experience was one he looks back upon fondly.   “I definitely grew spiritually. I learned a lot about the world around me. Whether I end up with Ms. Remy or not, everything happened the way it should.” 

New episodes of The Courtship air Wednesdays at 11pm on USA.