GLAAD to host Transgender Advocates Media Training

In just a few short weeks, GLAAD will be hosting a comprehensive media training for transgender advocates. As issues like violence against transgender people, equal protections under the law, and overall understanding of the specific concerns facing the community takes center stage, GLAAD wants to prepare leaders and advocates in the community to handle the media in a way that is positive, productive and lends itself to a cultural shift towards acceptance of transgender people.

"There are many false, misleading and hurtful characterizations about transgender people that definitely inform how we are treated. It's important that we counteract those and reimagine in the public domain what and who transgender people are," says Tiq Milan, Senior Media Strategist.  

There have been many significant strides in the gay and lesbian community. The marriage of same-sex couples is quickly gaining acceptance throughout the country as 18 states have legalized same-sex marriage, eight in 2013 alone. We’ve also witnessed an increase in the overall cultural acceptance of gay and lesbian people.  This shift in public perception didn’t happen overnight. We can attribute the change in attitude to an increase of personal interaction with gays and lesbian people, positive imaging, and high profile gay and lesbian celebrities. However, when it comes to the T in LGBT we still have a ways to go. Many Americans still struggle to understand what it means to be transgender and there are lots of false and harmful ideas about the trans community that are barriers to equality.

This training will give advocates the tools they need to break down those barriers and reshape the story of the community. If you're a transgender advocate and are interested in being part of our media training, please click here and fill out the application form. Space is limited, but we hope to have more trainings in the future.