GLAAD: Gov. Haslam must veto dangerous 'LGBTQ Erasure Bill'

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD – the world’s LGBTQ media advocacy organization, released the following statement after the Tennessee General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1085/House Bill 1111. If signed into law, SB 1085 could invalidate marriages of LGBTQ couples and legal documents that affirm a transgender person’s true identity by stating that any “undefined” words be given their “natural and ordinary meaning.” This bill, a part of Tennessee’s #SlateOfHate, now heads to Governor Bill Haslam’s desk for review.

“With the entire nation watching, Gov. Haslam should veto this bill which is not only bad for business, but would set a dangerous precedent that could place the well-being of LGBTQ Tennesseans in jeopardy.”


SB30/HB33 – Requires words “father,” “mother,” “husband,” and “wife” be “based on the biological distinctions between men and women,” thereby targeting LGBTQ parents and couples.

  • Especially impacting LGBTQ families, a child’s parent, if not the biological parent, might not be recognized as such by law
  • Transgender people’s gender identity may not be recognized by law

SB1085/HB1111 – States any “undefined” words be given their so-called “natural and ordinary meaning,” opening non-traditional/LGBTQ couples and families up to discrimination.

  • Affects every undefined word in the Tennessee code
  • May interfere with the marriages of same-sex couples and LGBTQ families
  • Transgender people’s gender identity may not be recognized by law

SB1153/HB1406 – Claims children conceived through artificial insemination are not “legitimate” children of their parents by repealing statue that protects them.

  • Targets LGBTQ couples, single parents, and their children
  • Allows the government to refuse to recognize LGBTQ families and only list one parent
  • Creates roadblocks for LGBTQ parents trying to adopt their own children