GLAAD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO CLIP: Fiancé of Big Brother Contestant Michael delivers heartfelt message: "You are slaying this game."

Earlier this week Big Brother fans expressed disappointment that Michael's HOH letter was omitted from Sunday's broadcast. Now, in an exclusive clip, Big Brother contestant Michael receives a special shoutout from his fiancé Hayden and their cats!

"Hi Michael, I just wanted to take a moment and say that I'm so proud of you," starts Hayden, seated next to one of the couple's three cats. The other two, explains Hayden, are "fighting" offscreen.

Hayden has been "tuning in for every episode," including the Big Brother livestream at 3 and 4am "where most of the interesting conversations happen."

Hayden also commends Michael's strategy, adding "Keep bringing the competitiveness that you're bringing this season. I have been quite blown away honestly!" Hayden reveals Michael created a "Big Brother" bible before leaving for show – a bible which, according to Hayden, Michael has been adhering to quite nicely.

Before he signs off, Hayden leaves a positive, heartwarming message for Michael: "I love you so much, I'm sending so many positive vibes, and love and support to the Big Brother house. ... We're right here by you, and you're always going to be my favorite person in the world!"

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