GLAAD Exclusive: The Secret Keeper reveals their true feelings for George in an all new episode of “Craig of the Creek”

There’s a thief in the Creek, and there is only one hero who can stop them: SILVER FIST! Craig and his friends are back for more summer adventures with a week of new episodes of Craig of the Creek on Cartoon Network. After airing on CN, each episode will be available to stream on HBO Max the following day.

The newest episode of Craig of the Creek, “Silver Fist Returns,” features the Secret Keeper finding the courage to finally reveal their true feelings for a friend.

Watch the heartwarming new clip here:

After serving as a confidant for friends to reveal their deepest secrets to, the Secret Keeper, who is also the Cat Burglar, finally finds the strength to reveal a secret or two of their own.

They take off their cat costume and reveal their true identity to George. George is shocked to find out about his friend’s double life.

This isn’t the only secret the Secret Keeper is ready to reveal. “I have a secret I’d like to share…” They say to their friend. “I like you George.”

George blushes and asks, “Secret Keeper, would you like to hang out sometime?”

The Secret Keeper excitedly agrees.

“Silver Fist Returns” airs Friday, July 15 at 6:00pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network and is available on HBO Max the next day.