GLAAD Exclusive: Queer pop sensation Hayley Kiyoko guest stars on Apple TV+’s new series “Life By Ella”

Streaming globally on September 2nd, Apple TV+’s newest series Life By Ella is a heartwarming kids and family show about a young girl named Ella who recently recovered from cancer and is focused on making each day count. Ella is ready to navigate school and friendships with a brand-new perspective: to seize every day.

In an all-new episode of Life By Ella, Ella is granted a wish by “Lucky Dream” for concert tickets and back stage passes to see queer pop star Hayley Kiyoko. Ella is ecstatic to be seeing and meeting her favorite artist, until she finds out her friends in the hospital ward must stay on lockdown. That’s when Hayley comes to the rescue!

Kiyoko, played by herself, surprises the kids in the hospital with a live performance of her hit song “Gravel to Tempo.” Ella and her family watch excitedly from below while Kiyoko performs in the window for kids throughout the hospital to enjoy.

Watch the full clip here!

Life By Ella is premiering globally on September 2nd, only on Apple TV+.