GLAAD EXCLUSIVE: Murray Bartlett as Vinnie pays a surprise visit to Rose Byrne's Sheila in “Physical”

Season two of Physical on Apple TV finds Sheila Rubin, played by the brilliant Rose Byrne, having successfully launched her very first fitness video, “Body By Sheila.” Unfortunately, some new and bigger obstacles pop up on her path. Her loyalty is torn between her husband, played by Rory Scovel, and the values he represents, and a dangerous attraction she has to someone else. Now that she’s not the only trainer in town, she finds herself having to outrun some fierce new competitors on the road to building a full-fledged fitness empire. Season 2 introduces Murray Bartlett as Vinnie Green, a charismatic new fitness instructor joining the scene.

Check out an exclusive clip of Season 2 Episode 4 of Physical, “Don’t You Know," where Sheila solicits Bunny (Della Saba) to fill in for her at promotional events. Meanwhile, Greta (Dierdre Friel) and Ernie (Ian Gomez) spice up their marriage. 

Check out an exclusive clip from "Don't You Know," where Vinnie sneaks up and surprises Sheila in her kitchen below:

“Don’t You Know” premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 24th.