GLAAD Exclusive First Look: Isis King and Birdie Silverstein in Amazon's "With Love"

November 19, 2021

GLAAD released an exclusive first look at the upcoming Amazon Original Series With Love, featuring Isis King and recurring guest star Biridie Silverstein in their first nonbinary role. The Amazon Original Series is a one-hour romantic comedy, written and created by Gloria Calderón Kellett that features the Diaz family as they navigate love and purpose during different holidays throughout the year. Isis King stars as Sol Perez, a trans nonbinary oncology resident who is finally opening themselves up to love with a handsome doctor they work with. Birdie Silverstein is a recurring guest star and plays Charlie Murphy, a self-assured nonbinary teenager. 

GLAAD's Anthony Allen Ramos spoke to Isis King about the importance of this role, especially as we continue to observe and acknowledge Transgender Awareness Week. More from the interview with Isis King will be available on GLAAD's social platforms in December.

Watch the clip and interview with Isis King here:

In the clip from With Love, Sol and Charlie sit poolside for an important conversation.  

"I don't know your life and you are a part of this amazing, bold generation. Things are a lot different for you than when I was your age," says Sol.

"What were things like for you?" asks Charlie.

"I mean everything wasn't just as out and open as it is now. None of my friends were queer or at least weren't talking about it either. I didn't see queer or transness reflected anywhere around me," says Sol.

"I'm not mad at's not really about you. It's just that this house is pretty special to me. Here things have always been easy. Even with puberty and all of the weird body stuff last year...I could just come jump in the pool and just float. In the water I don't have to be a boy or a girl or dress a certain way, or worry about what people say when they look at me, I just am," Charlie responds. 

With Love premieres all 5 episodes on Friday, December 17th on Amazon Prime Video.