GLAAD encourages senators to #AskKavanaugh about LGBTQ rights and hold him accountable for the company he keeps

Approaching Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing for a position on the Supreme Court, GLAAD has started a campaign to draw attention to the anti-LGBTQ organizations who have given Kavanaugh their endorsements. Supreme Court Justice is a lifetime appointment, and Kavanaugh’s confirmation could have an impact that will last for decades. We can’t afford to have a Justice on the court who doesn’t support LGBTQ rights, and GLAAD is on the move.

Yesterday, GLAAD Campus Ambassador Tony Hernandez went to Capitol Hill to personally hand-delivered questions about Judge Kavanaugh’s praise of anti-LGBTQ Justice Antonin Scalia anti-LGBTQ dissents and statements, as well as his endorsement by anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council and other anti-LGBTQ organizations, urging the 21 members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to confront Judge Kavanaugh about his past remarks, as well as the company he keeps.

When asked about participating, Tony responded enthusiastically, "anything to stop Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation." The stakes are high for LGBTQ people.

Kavanaugh has often described Justice Antonin Scalia, a notorious homophobe, as a “hero” and a “role model.” He even praised Scalia’s dissent on Obergefell—the landmark ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in all fifty states. Though perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise—while working with the Bush Administration, Kavanaugh worked closely with the team promoting the so-called Federal Marriage Amendment, which would have defined marriage in the United States as a union of one man and one woman under federal law. Furthermore, he’s been endorsed by a variety of anti-LGBTQ groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group the Family Research Council.

The Federalist Society, of which Kavanaugh was once a member, has produced materials arguing against every major LGBTQ policy proposal, including the Employment Non Discrimination Act and hate crimes legislation. He has also been endorsed by the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group Family Research Council, which operates on the belief that LGBTQ people are a threat to American society, and received an outpouring of support from the Heritage Foundation, which uses the guise of “research” to shield its homophobic and transphobic rhetoric.

These ties to known anti-LGBTQ hate groups and a vocal support of Scalia’s famously anti-LGBTQ record lead GLAAD to believe that Judge Kavanaugh is not able to serve on the Supreme Court with the interests of all Americans at heart.

GLAAD is taking action and so should you! Join this fight and push back against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, by joining the conversation using #AskKavanaugh. Ask him yourself, does he believe LGBTQ rights are Human Rights? Will he uphold the law as it has been established as precedent or will he turn back the clock? These are questions that need to be answered.