GLAAD in Chile

GLAAD has been very excited to share what we've learned with advocates around the world who sometimes face incredibly tough situations. This week I'm really happy to being doing that work for Global Voices, in Santiago Chile, a beautiful city surrounded by snow-capped Andes mountains and whose people are incredibly warm.Chilean mountains

This part of the trip has been made possible by the support of U.S. Embassy in Chile and organized by Fundación Toda Mejora, which works to promote education to stop bullying and youth LGBT suicide. The folks at Todo Mejora have been great hosts. I was a guest on two national news programs and did radio and online interviews. We've also done media meetings with the two major national television stations,including TVN, in order to increase LGBT inclusion, and advocate trainings so that local LGBT people learn how to tell their stories in the most effective ways possible. Yes, there have been many cups of strong coffee too.TVN in ChileChile canal 13

There's a lot to do, as Chile has a very high rate of youth suicide and bullying, but these men and women are passionate, organized and hard working and they're making a big difference in how LGBT people are treated in Chile. I feel so grateful to be able to come here and share what GLAAD has taught me.

On to Argentina, where the equally awesome advocates of the FALGBT have all kinds of great activities and trainings planned.