GLAAD board members among Financial Times' most powerful list

October 20, 2015

The Financial Times has just released a list of the 100 most powerful LGBT business leaders from a variety of sectors.

Topping the list is Inga Beale, CEO, Lloyd's of London, the first woman and the first bisexual-identifying person to do so. In addition to being the first at the top of this list, Beale was also the first female chief executive at Lloyd's of London. When she came out in 2008, Beale had no bisexuals to look up to, which made it more challenging. "Seeing a role model like you, it give you the confidence to be yourself at work."

Coming in at number four on the list is Martine Rothblatt, Co-CEO, United Therapeutics, a high ranking transgender executive. Important, as the article notes, because 90% of transgender individuals report mistreatment or harassment at work.

Also making the list are Arjan Dijk, the Vice President of Marketing for Google, and Anthony Watson, President and CEO of Uphold, both members of GLAAD's National Board of Directors. Watson was quoted as saying, "To move my career forward, I came out at work. It was the best thing I ever did."

Congrats to all who were recognized! Check out the full list here.