GLAAD and OkCupid Partner to Make Online Dating All-Inclusive with Pronouns

September 10, 2018

As voices beyond the binary continue to be heard, the dating app industry is now listening, and inclusivity is expanding.

OkCupid announced that on September 10 the app will become even more inclusive for those who identify anywhere along the spectrum of gender, from male to female to non-binary and all identities in between. OkCupid collaborated with GLAAD to create a space where users can display their pronouns along with other personal attributes, so that everyone can promote their authentic selves for safer dating experiences.

“Everyone should be able to express who they are, in their own words, and to have the opportunity to find romance with someone who respects and appreciates them,” said Zeke Stokes, Vice President of Programs at GLAAD. “By creating a dedicated space for personal pronouns on profiles, OkCupid has taken an important step forward that raises the bar for LGBTQ-inclusion on dating apps.”

OkCupid’s strides toward inclusivity and prioritizing the safety of all its users, no matter gender nor sexual orientation, is nothing new. In fact, it was the first dating app to expand to 13 sexual orientation and 22 gender options.

“It’s pretty simple: We believe that dating deserves better, and a part of that is for people to be empowered to express their true selves,” says Ariel Charytan, Chief Executive Officer of OkCupid. “We’re proud to be the first leading dating app to create a prominent space for sharing pronouns. OkCupid is a place that celebrates who you are and connects you with people who are interested in dating you.”

OkCupid's past LGBTQ-facing initiatives have resonated well with the community, such as their glitter-filled march in the 2018 NYC Pride Parade and their Masterpiece SCOTUS decision-inspired #RightToLove campaign.

What OkCupid is doing for its LGBTQ users is making the online and in-app dating experience not only more user-friendly, but welcoming and safer to enjoy.