GLAAD in Action: AJC Changes Transphobic Article

Last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, daily circulation 190,000, printed the story of “D,” a 7-year-old transgender boy who was being refused to use the boy’s restroom at his south Georgia elementary school. And despite his father’s attempt to petition the faculty and school board members, now with more than 40,000 signees, there has been little to no movement.

“All I’m asking for is a conversation” Theollyn told the paper. “I’m not offended that people are concerned about the welfare of my child. Their questions are valid,” he continued.

While the paper moves forward to tell the disheartening story of acceptance and equality, it, in the original version, unfortunately used outdated and inaccurate pronouns to describe both D and his father. The author also inadvertently refers to being transgender as a “lifestyle.” GLAAD reached out to Christian Boone to address these and other concerns with the story, and the story was immediately updated to reflect the true identity of this family and of the hardships they currently are facing. We applaud the AJC for its quick recognition and correction of this error.