GLAAD Acting President motivates NYC marriage rally

In New York, thousands gathered at the Stonewall Inn to celebrate the Supreme Court's rulings that struck down key provisions of the so-called 'Defense of Marriage Act' and paved the way for marriage restoration in California.

GLAAD's Acting President, Dave Montez, addressed the crowd, cheering these victories, but also pointing to the remaining work to be done. In case you missed it, here are his comments. 


Thank you, Edie and all your legal team for your courage.

Today we celebrate.

We all achieved this victory together and we can be proud we've taken a big step in the right direction.

Gay and lesbian couples cannot be denied these precious protections, which belong to all caring committed couples. And thanks to the work of GLAAD and so many of our partners, the court of public opinion is also on our side.

This is an historic day, not just for our families but also for freedom and justice.


Today's decisions do not give us the luxury to stop here.

To the contrary, today's decisions provide the moral imperative to push forward.

We will not be done until children are free from harassment and bullying

We will not be done until trans people are treated with the respect and dignity deserved of all people

We will keep working until we no longer fear discrimination in our jobs

Until all immigrants have a fair pathway to citizenship

Until all Americans are afforded equal opportunity to learn and to vote without barriers

And we will not stop until true culture change really happens

So that being lgbt is no longer about polling statistics or moral debates... So that it no longer stands for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender...

But instead reflects who we really are - brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, neighbors and friends...

Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we push forward and GLAAD will push forward with you.