Giving Thanks for Pullen Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC

As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving to give thanks and to probably feel a little awkward, GLAAD asks you to remember those LGBT-supportive faith communities who are doing the work of justice in the world (or, as they may call it, the Lord’s work).

This week the Raleigh News Observer brought us a story this week of Pullen Baptist Church. The church voted unanimously to discontinue performing legal weddings in the church building until all couples are able to have their marriages recognized by the state of North Carolina.

The congregations will continue to perform holy unions that bring the blessings of God to couples. However, couples will have to visit a 

courthouse or municipal office to have their marriage legally recognized by the state. Currently, gay and lesbian couples are not able to have their marriages recognized in North Carolina, and a proposed constitutional amendment would further prevent recognition in the eyes of the state.

The congregation believes that the proposed constitutional amendment discriminates against gay and lesbian couples. The congregational statement adopted reads, “As people of faith, affirming the Christian teaching that before God all people are equal, we will no longer participate in this discrimination.”

GLAAD gives thanks for congregations who take the prophetic stance against LGBT discrimination. Such a decision is not popular for a Baptist church in North Carolina. It takes courage to disengage from discriminatory practices. As we eat our turkey, we offer thanks for brave congregations like Pullen Baptist Church, and so many like it.