Ghanaian promoter Kinto brutally attacked, celebrities speak out against homophobia

Earlier this week, a Ghanaian music and events promoter, nicknamed Kinto, was brutally attacked in Accra, Ghana. He is accused of being gay, an identity that is criminalized in Ghana.

In an act of extreme homophobia, a mob beat and threatened Kinto while many of the attackers filming the event. The video was later posted on social media sites and quickly went viralt. When police were contacted, the spokesperson said, one person had been arrested. The spokesperson added that Kinto is not being investigated for being gay.


The violent incident has inspired Ghanaian celebrities to publicly express their outrage with Ghana's anti-gay laws. First to speak up was Efya, a soul musician and actress.

Inspired by Efya and alarmed by the situation in the country, others have followed. Romanian-Ghanian musician Wanlov the Kubolor publicly stated that it was time to abolish Ghana's anti-gay law. He later took to Twitter and Facebook to voice his concerns.

According to Mac Darling Cobbinah, a leading Ghanian LGBT advocate, the assualt against Kinto has been widely condemned throughout Ghanian society. Commenting to GLAAD, Mac Darling added:

"I am excited to hear the condemnation of the attack even from the general population including people living in the Nima area which is a Muslim dominated. Personally, I think we all have our differences and one must not resort to violence I  order to prove our dislike. Violence for me is unacceptable and must be condemned by all in society. Today it's an alleged gay man, if we allow it to happen to him, tomorrow it might be you for the kind of dress you wear. We must be our brothers keeper."

Amidst the wide condemnation of the attack, the prejudice and violence Kinto and the LGBT community face in Ghana are persistent. As you could see in the video, many Ghanians, Rapper C-Real included, are worried that being gay in Ghana will never be ok, at least not in their lifetime.