#GenSilent needs your support for LGBT Elders Day and beyond

As members of the LGBT community age, fear and anxiety take control of those men and women who pioneered for equality. These trailblazers find themselves forced back into the closet in the later years of their lives. With thousands of Americans in nursing homes or assisted living situations, the number of older LGBT subject to these feelings of apprehension is rapidly increasing. By 2030 alone, there is expected to double to nearly 3 million LGBT elders in the United States.

To raise awareness of these issues of senior members of the LGBT community, Logo will be airing a documentary that features the lives and stories of six LGBT elders who are coping with various hardships regarding their age and sexuality and gender identity. This film titled Gen Silent will be making its television premier on at 9pm ET on Monday, November 9th, also known as LGBT Elders Day.

In the trailer featured above, multiple LGBT elders and other experts reflect on their experiences in these assisted living homes, recalling their encounters with staff and other members of the homes. These situations are uncomfortable and unacceptable for the elders who have retreated back into a place of "safety" to avoid such negative treatment.

Moving forward from this issue, it is important for younger LGBT generations to be aware of the experiences of their elders. Not only have they led the way for equality, but they have also inspired LGBT youth through their bravery and determination.

This past summer, the LGBT Elder Americans Act was introduced to the 114th Congress to offer protective services for aging members of the LGBT community. The passing of this bill would allow for LGBT-specific programs and services to be offered to the community, as well as research into improving the overall long-term health and care of LGBT Elders. The LGBT Elder Americans Act would improve conditions for not only current seniors, but also generations to come.

With these developments in mind, LGBT Elders Day is a day for all to celebrate the enormous strides the senior community has made in LGBT acceptance. The LGBT community would not be where it is today without the hard work of these courageous people. Be sure to tune in to Logo to watch Gen Silent for more information on these issues this coming Monday, November 9th at 9pm ET.