GaymerX2 gets a Kickstarter

GaymerX is back!  Formerly known as GaymerCon, GaymerX is a gaming convention for LGBTQ geeks.  Last year, the first GaymerX had 2,300 attendees come from around the world to celebrate gaming and geekery in a safe and fun environment devoted to diversity and inclusivity.  GaymerX more than tripled their Kickstarter fundraising goal in 2013, allowing them to add concerts and celebrities to the convention.  This year, they've already raised the $10,000 needed to put down a deposit on their convention space.  Reaching their stretch goals would allow them to include free gender pronoun stickers to badges, a 24-hour Twitch hangout, a bonus celebrity, and more.  This would add to their already amazing lineup which includes myriad panels and the bands Virt, Aethernaut, and 2 Mello.  Additionally, GaymerX2 has seven Bosses of Honor and a special guest, Fred Rosser.  GaymerX2 will take place July 11 through July 13 at the San Francisco InterContinental Hotel.  To donate to their Kickstarter and make sure they reach their stretch goals, click here.