Gay South African brutally murdered

As Uganda and Nigeria pass draconian laws, individuals in surrounding countries might be more exposed to anti-LGBT crimes. Despite South Africa being considered one of the most LGBT friendly countries on the African continent, LGBT individuals still face incredible danger. A recent anti-LGBT crime in South Africa includes a brutal killing of a 21 year-old man. During the killing as many as 7 teenagers gathered in Belle Vista, a neighborhood of Ceres to witness the assault.

As the Advocate reports, Maahir Pretorius, a senior reporter spoke about the teens who watched the crime take place. 

“I spoke to those kids and they were kicking a ball around and I though that perhaps they needed help or counseling, but this was nothing new for them" Pretorius told Mamba. "They are exposed to violence on a daily basis."

As countries pass draconian laws we see the devastating effects now only in the same country but also in surrounding areas. Although South Africa passed marriage equality in 2005 lesbians are also exposed to hate crime such as "corrective rape". Lawmakers hope to limit such crime with a recent bill which would severely punish such crime. Such policy is yet to be in effect.