Gay bishops and Mormon Boy Scout Pride: the LGBT Religion News Summary for June 5, 2013

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This week has been an important week for LGBT equality in various religious communities. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elected its first openly gay and Native American bishop, Reverend Dr. R. Guy Erwin of the Southwest California Synod. Gay Roman Catholic priest Gary Meier came out after anonymously publishing his book about being a gay in the Roman Catholic Church two years ago, and answered some of the questions he’s been asked since the book was republished. And 20-year-old Mormon Jallen Messersmith is believed to be the first out man in college basketball at his small Catholic school.

Several faith leaders participated in Blogging for #LGBTFAMILIES Day on June 3!

The Church of Scotland voted to allow gay clergy, and at least two congregations have threatened to leave the Church of Scotland because of it. In Nigeria, a ban against marriage equality has passed with sentences up to 14 years in prison. Also in the UK, two Pakistani women enter into Britain’s first Muslim lesbian partnership.  And the Unitarians find a faith-based response to faith-based intolerance in Uganda.

TAKE ACTION: Tell StudentsFirst that anti-gay legislator is not “Reformer of the Year”

Daniel Dobson, son of prominent West Michigan minister, talks about being a gay Christian, and explains that his father loves him all the same. Take a look at why Mormons back the new scouting policy. Despite this, Boy Scouts were banned from marching in Utah’s pride parade, but brave 18-year-old Eagle Scout wouldn’t take no for an answer.

One Scouts ban remains intact: Atheists
Religion News Service, 5/30/13

Southern Baptists Move To Cut Ties With Boy Scouts Of America Over Inclusion Of Gay Scouts
International Business Times, 5/29/13
Baptists plan exodus from Boy Scouts
CNN, 5/31/13
Christians can't buy Starbucks: speaker
ABP, 6/4/13

 (Jallen Messersmith)

Jallen Messersmith: Believed to be the first out man in college basketball
Huffington Post, 5/29/13
Gay former teacher sues Catholic church after she was fired for having artificial insemination
The Blaze, 5/29/13
Catholic pastor pulls parish out of the boy scouts
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 5/29/13
Cardinal Dolan spends 19 seconds condemning anti-gay violence
Queerty, 5/30/13
Questions after coming out as a gay Catholic Priest
Huffington Post, 5/30/13
Liberal Catholic group petitions against Bremerton priest’s anti-gay letter
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 5/31/13
Gay Catholic priest comes out after anonymously publishing book two years ago
GLAAD, 5/31/13
Catholic Church okay with new scout policy. Except when it boots troops out.
Queerty, 6/2/13
US Catholic leaders urge support after shift on gays
Wisconsin State Journal, 6/3/13
Bishop argues for "only one authentically Catholic" view of equal marriage before a hostile audience
Patheos, 6/4/13
Catholic school teacher fired after getting pregnant through artificial insemination wins legal case
Wetpaint, 6/4/13

Will there be a “mass exodus” of religious groups from the scouts?
Religion News Service, 5/24/13
Dan Savage explains how Christians can help the gay equality movement
Huffington Post, 5/30/13
Christians to offer apology at Gay Pride Parade
Winnipeg Free Press, 5/25/13
Religious groups who supported gay Scout ban now are okay with changing it. Why?
Washington Post, 6/3/13
LGBT religious groups mark the 30th anniversary of the annual Pride Week Interfaith Service
Metro Weekly, 5/30/13
Southern Ky. churches sticking with with scout troops after decision on gay members
The Republic, 6/3/13

California priest says gay couples enrich the institution of marriage
The Christian Post, 5/30/13

Daniel Dobson, son of prominent West Michigan minister, talks about being a gay Christian
M Live, 5/29/13

Nigeria lawmakers pass bill banning gay marriage, setting prison sentences of up to 14 years
Washington Post, 5/30/13
Two congregations threaten to leave Church of Scotland over vote to allow gay clergy
BBC, 5/30/13
Gay and anti-gay Christians face off on marriage day of prayer
Gay Star News, 5/31/13
Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist leaders band together against UK marriage equality
Gay Star News, 6/1/13|
Lord Alli: Church of England hypocritical for opposing equal marriage|
Pink News, 6/2/13
UK marriage debate begins, bishops urged to withhold votes
Gay Star News, 6/3/13
Would marriage equality violate Queen Elizabeth's vows to the Church of England? 
Washington Post, 6/4/13

And God created gays: The first openly gay Orthodox rabbi talks about coming out, pain, and parenthood
Haaretz, 6/1/13
Jayson Littman, 35
The Jewish Week, 6/4/13

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elects first openly gay bishop
GLAAD, 5/28/13
Lutherans Step Up; Illinois Strikes Out
Huffington Post, 6/1/13

Marriage Equality
Editorial: Stand up for marriage equality
Chicago Tribute, 5/29/13

United Methodists open conference; gay rights activists pray for inclusion
Anniston/Gadsden, 6/2/13

Metropolitan Community Church
Interview: Rev. Nancy Wilson's Work with President Obama
The Seattle Lesbian, 5/21/13
Creating Sacred Spaces For Trans & Gender Nonconforming People
Believe OUTLoud, 6/3/13

LGBT Mormons, Allies Celebrate Boy Scouts New Inclusive Policy
Affirmation, 5/13
Why Mormons back the new scouting policy
Washington Post, 5/31/13
Fearless 18-year-old boy scout leads others in gay pride march despite ban on it
Queerty, 6/3/13

Pakistani women marry in Britain's first Muslim lesbian partnership
Ammon, 5/30/13

Orthodox Christian
Orthodox Christians destroy gay activists in new Facebook game: VIDEO
Towleroad, 6/3/13

Quakers quick to welcome same-sex marriage progress

Ekklesia, 6/4/13

Unitarian Universalist
The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss
The Atlantic, 5/22/13
No Longer in My Name: Faith-Based Response to Faith-Based Intolerance in Uganda
UUA Blogs, 5/22/13

United Church of Christ
Pro-equal marriage church egged, 'Sodom and Gomorrah' scrawled on walls

Gay Star News, 6/4/13