Gap Inc. launches a powerful video for GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign

On June 1, Gap Inc. posted a moving video as part of GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign, which encourages LGBT people and allies to speak out in support of acceptance. The video features thirteen Gap Inc. employees speaking about their experience coming out, and promising "we have your back."

The stories range from heartbreaking to heartwarming. One man recalls his father's reaction to him coming out: "My dad wanted to talk to me. He gave me two options: 1) to change or 2) to get out." Others remember worrying about losing their jobs or being bullied because of their LGBT identities.

These negative reactions and fears speak to a larger issue of discomfort surrounding the LGBT community. GLAAD began the #GotYourBack campaign after publishing the Accelerating Acceptance report, which found that despite the recent advances in marriage equality, many non-LGBT Americans still feel uncomfortable around LGBT people.

But someone having your back makes a significant difference, not just for one person, but for the LGBT community as a whole. “When allies voice their support for LGBT people, hearts and minds open,” said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “From classrooms to board rooms, locker rooms to living rooms, it’s critical that allies take an active role in accelerating acceptance of their LGBT friends, family, and neighbors. By sharing the moving stories of LGBT employees, Gap Inc. is sending an important message about the power of love and acceptance.”

One person from the video speaks about his experience being transgender, and how he only began to feel empowered in his identity after being supported and receiving unconditional love from those around him. Heartwarming stories like these not only encourage others to share their support for the LGBT community, but also lets LGBT people know that Gap employees and customers can always be themselves, and are not alone in their struggle towards acceptance.

 “Gap Inc. stands with GLAAD in our belief that lifting voices out of isolation - and vocalizing support - is a critical step in achieving equality,” said Paul Tew, Gap Inc.’s GEAR (Gay Employees, Allies, and Resources).  “As a global company, it’s important to us that all of our employees and customers feel this support – from a local colleague to a Gap associate across the world. We are thrilled to lend our voices to this powerful campaign, and encourage everyone to join the movement to support others in all communities. At Gap Inc. we want everyone to know, we’ve #GotYourBack.”


Many celebrities, corporations, and community members have pledged their support to the #GotYourBack campaign. Join GLAAD and the 140,000 employees of Gap Inc., and use your voice to take a stand. As Gap Inc. explained, "You never know whose life you will touch."