GA Newspaper Changes Policy to Include Same-Sex Wedding Announcements

In a swift about-face, Georgia's Macon Telegraph has changed its policy on wedding announcements to become fully inclusive of same-sex couples.  The paper's publisher made the decision to change the policy earlier today.

Just yesterday, Georgia Voice (a local LGBT media outlet) published a story about a lesbian couple whose wedding announcement was denied by the Telegraph.  Laura Wilson, 24, and Rachel Hussey, 22, submitted the following wedding announcement to the paper:

Rachel Kimberly Hussey of Macon, Georgia, and Laura Lee Wilson of Richmond, Virginia, will be married on August 25 at the Fred Heutte Center in Norfolk, Virginia.  Rachel is the daughter of Geoff Hussey of Macon and Terri and Clay Hall of Chesapeake, Virginia.  Laura is the daughter of John and Mary Wilson of Richmond, Virginia.  The couple resides in Norfolk with their animal companions and is traveling to Costa Rica for their honeymoon.  A legal ceremony in Washington, D.C. is planned.

At the time their wedding annoucement was denied, Laura and Rachel were advised that the Telegraph is "not able to accept ... same-sex announcements at this time.  It is not recognized as legal in Georgia and therefore we are unable to publish them."

Then, just earlier today, the advertising manager in the paper's classified department sent Laura an e-mail that indicated the paper has revised their policy on wedding announcements to become fully inclusive of same-sex couples.  The e-mail read:

Laura -

In regards to the notice submitted for publication in The Telegraph and after further review it will publish on August 26th as requested.  We will send a proof prior to publication for approval.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

GLAAD had planned to conduct outreach to the Telegraph in support of Laura & Rachel and all loving and committed couples wishing to share the good news of their upcoming wedding days.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the paper's publisher decided to become fully inclusive without prompting from us.  We have reached out to the paper to thank them for changing their policy and for the positive message this sends to the community.  Laura & Rachel's love and committment for each other matters just as much as anybody else's.  Rachel's hometown newspaper now gets it, and is helping others to become more understanding as well.

We applaud the Telegraph for their new, inclusive policy, and we congratulate Laura & Rachel - and for not only their upcoming nuptials, but for also helping to change hearts and minds through sharing their story.  We encouage all loving and committed couples to announce your equality.

To send a note of gratitude to the Telegraph for making the decision to become fully inclusive of same-sex couples, please click here.