Full of Grace explores the real lives of LGBT Catholics

A new theater project is telling the story of faithful Catholics who are LGBT or their allies. Full of Grace: Journeys of LGBT Catholics is an interview-based docu-drama that explores the intersection of faith and sexual identity through the first person accounts of LGBT Catholics.  

Headlines often tell of a pitched battle between the Catholic Church and the LGBT community. But under the divisive rhetoric are real human dramas: individuals, families and communities striving to be faithful to God and to their inmost identities.

The play is composed entirely of interviews from over 30 individuals including clergy, religious and lay people spanning in age from 19-85 from across the United States.  The play explore themes such as inclusion and exclusion, self-acceptance and shame, integrity, family, relationships, marriage and family as well as individual experiences of God and church.  These are the untold stories of disciples seeking a place at the table and the fullness of life to which God calls them.  

"Full of Grace is a simple project. We turned on the microphone and listened as LGBT Catholics and their families told their stories of love and faith," said playwright Bob Choiniere. "Now we tell these stories of witness and faithfulness to reveal their struggles, joys, surprises and gifts. These stories challenge each of us to consider the risk of being faithful to your own heart despite the cost."

The premiere of Full of Grace Monday, November 24, 2014 at 7:00pm at Lincoln Center. Information and ticketing is available here