French National Assembly Passes Marriage Equality Bill

The French National Assembly today approved a marriage equality bill. Earlier this month, the senate approved the bill, 331-225. It now moves along to President Francois Hollande, who has previously said he would sign such a bill. The French bill will also legalize adoption by same-sex parents. This vote has come after weeks of debate in the French parliament, where opposition leaders introduced more than 5000 amendments designed to slow the bill. None of these amendments were passed however, which allowed the Assembly to vote.

Recent weeks have seen an increase in homophobic violence in France and before the vote police prepared themselves for violent reactions from protesters. Civil unions have been allowed since 1999, but that law has no provisions for adoption, which seems to be a more divisive issue for the French than marriage equality itself.

If all goes as expected, France will become the 14th country to legalize marriage equality. In recent weeks, lawmakers in New Zealand and Uruguay have passed similar bills.