FRC's VP of Church Ministries calls for 'revolution' against us (but 'not yet' an armed one)

At an event that included such notables as U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Archbishop William Lori, and Fox News personality Todd Starnes, the Family Research Council's Vice President of Church Ministries, Kenyn Cureton, delivered a near-verbatim repeat of his past comments suggesting that LGBT people are controlled by our "malevolent master..the Devil." Only this time, Kenyn coupled his demonizing words with a direct call for America's preachers to rise up against us "poor deluded souls" in a new kind of "spiritual revolution."

And in a truly chilling (and downright dangerous) display of hesitation, Mr. Cureton can't even state his should-go-without-saying belief that this conflict is not to be an armed one without attaching a "not yet" stipulation, clearly indicating that he believes this confict could turn violent at some future point.

Watch the five minute video here:

FULL SPEECH HERE: Watchmen on the Walls [FRC]