FRC's newest star pushes same old animus

Travis Weber is a name that has been popping up more and more at the Family Research Council's propaganda mill.  Named as the exceedingly anti-LGBT organization's Director of the Center for Religious Liberty back in January of this year, Weber has taken these anti-gay discrimination cases that the far-right keeps falsely labeling as "religious freedom" matters and turned them into his raison d'être.  A lawyer by trade, FRC apparently thinks he's the guy who's going to help the anti-LGBT right score points in their push to pass license-to-discriminate bills all across this nation.

But as you will hear, Travis, like everyone else who works on LGBT issues at the Family Research Council, really just believes that we have some sort of broken sexualities that displease God and that our loving unions will open some sort of Pandora's Box. He made that clear in a recent Christian radio interview where he insists that basic approval of homosexuality is still an open question, with an affirmative answer sure to release a panoply of plagues on this great nation of ours:

SOURCE: Point of View Radio, 9/4/14

To accept Travis' view, you have to believe that being gay constitutes a "rather odd and troubling form of sexuality" and that basic approval is a subject up for debate. Otherwise, you would have no reason to believe that loving unions like the one from two women in their nineties who just married after seventy-two years together could ever constitute some sort of slippery slope toward sexual anarchy. In order to buy in to Travis' view, you must believe that LGBT (or at least LGB) people are broken and wrong, and not just because we demand to marry equally under civil law—but because of who we are as people.

And let's be clear: that is the FRC view. Anyone who suggests otherwise (::ahem:: Fox News) is just not listenting to what this organization is saying.