Fox News' Tucker Carlson invokes gay stereotype in personal attack

Tucker Carlson, best known as a Fox News commentator and former bow-tie enthusiast, managed to attack Media Matters, the group's founder, the gay community, and Hillary Clinton, in one fell swoop. It was as efficient as it was offensive.

The comment was made during a party to celebrate conservative pundit Ann Coulter's latest book, Never Trust a Liberal Over Three – Especially A Republican. The Blaze reports that David Brock, the founder of media watch organization Media Matters, had hoped to air a pro-Hillary Clinton/anti-Fox News advertisement on Fox News. In conversation with The Blaze, Tucker, who admittedly knew little about the commercial, referred to David as "embarrassing," "pathetic," "awful," and "a professional Hillary throne sniffer…Worshipping her like Judy Garland."

While making a personal attack on someone with whom you disagree is generally bad manners, particularly when that person is not in the room, Tucker took it one step further by invoking a common gay stereotype—worshipping Judy Garland—when trying to tear down David, who identifies as openly gay.

Mocking someone's LGBT identity when trying to counter the person's political beliefs seems, at best, an ineffective debate strategy and, at worst, outright bigotry and an attempt to belittle one's opponent. Tucker's comment was made public just days after Fox News argued that anti-bullying initiatives silence conservative opinions on the LGBT community.