Fox News' Todd Starnes claims AFA is simply a 'a well-respected Christian ministry'

Todd Starnes, a person who pretty much dedicates all of his Fox News–financed journalistic efforts to carry water for some of the anti-LGBT movement's most vicious voices, might've outdone himself this time. In a new piece, he is seriously trying to position the American Family Association (AFA), one of the most openly and proudly anti-LGBT organizations around, as simply a Christian ministry. And not only that, he is seriously using the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer, probably one of the most notorious anti-LGBT voices on GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project, to lend support to his claims:

Bryan Fischer hosts a talk show on American Family Radio. He called the Army’s allegations “libelous, slanderous and blatantly false.”

“This mischaracterization of AFA is reprehensible and inexcusable,” he told me. “We have many military members who are a part of the AFA network who know these accusations are a tissue of lies.”

Fischer said their views on gay marriage and homosexuality are not hate – it’s simply a disagreement.

FULL: US Army defines Christian ministry as 'domestic hate group' [Fox News]

His views are not hate, but simply a disagrement? This from the man who has called for an Underground Railroad to to "rescue" (in reality, kidnap) kids of gay parents from their homes and who calls for gay people to be treated like drug addicts (to name just two). Using Bryan Fischer to deny anti-gay animus is like quoting Miley Cyrus to deny any recent rise in usage of the word "twerking."

But even apart from Fischer, the American Family Association is simply an anti-LGBT organization. It is designed to be such. The AFA boycotts any company, TV show, or basically anything that simply supports LGBT rights or simply includes a gay person in an ad (see their 2012 boycott of JC Penney for using Ellen DeGeneres as a spokersperson). This has been their game for several decades now. American Family Association heads Don Wildmon and Tim Wildmon have never made any attempt to hide the organization's agenda! They want LGBT people to stop being LGBT! They admit it!

So why is Starnes, a Fox News journalist, trying so hard to deny the anti-LGBT agenda of the American Family Association? Frankly, I think that's a really good question for Fox News. If Starnes is a legitimate reporter, then he must report on the rhetoric and actions of the American Family Association. But instead, Starnes seems to see that his job is to provide as much mainstream media platform as he can provide without questioning or challenging. This is a problem all too common with Fox News, which is why they can never be considered "fair and balanced."