Former GLAAD intern schools anti-gay activist on The Daily Show

The Daily Show took on the issue of gay and Christian persecution, and called GLAAD's former Religion, Faith & Values intern, Todd Clayton to tell them about the bullying and persecution he has endured, not as a Christian, but as a gay person.

Todd was a student at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California, where he was removed as Director of Spiritual Life for being gay, a story he documents in The Huffington Post. Todd was GLAAD's Religion, Faith & Values Intern from October 2012 until April 2013. He contributed heavily to GLAAD's blog with posts on religion news and commentary about racial justice, faith, and LGBT life.

The Daily Show, through its humorous style, reminded viewers of a few things. First, that gay Christians exist, a point that is forgotten by many. Second, gay Christians feel far more persecution for being gay than for being Christian. Anti-gay activists are using a "religious liberty" argument, which you see prominently in the clip. But, as Todd says, "It's essentially a giant temper tantrum, that they don’t get to be in charge anymore, and that they have to share their toys."

Well said, Todd.