Folks from Houston and beyond stand behind HERO on voting day

Today, many LGBT advocates hit the polls and social media to voice their support for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which is currently being voted on by the residents of Houston on this election day. Over the past few weeks, politicians, celebrities, and activists have been speaking out in favor of HERO, many of which include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Eva Longoria, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and many more.

Following in the steps of fellow supporters, here are some of the members of the LGBT and ally community who showed their support for HERO.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is crucial to the acceleration of LGBT acceptance. With Houston being the largest city in the nation that does not have explicit protection against discrimination on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion and many other human rights, the upholding of this ordinance would provide safety for those living in this fourth largest city in the country. HERO protects Houston residents in 15 different categories, including sexual orientation and gender identity, from instances of discrimination in employment, housing  and service in public places.

Be sure to stand firm behind HERO today and voice your support in every way possible!