Florida judge rules in favor of marriage equality, but impact is narrow

Yesterday, Florida became the latest state to have a judge strike down the ban on marriage equality. Unlike many of the most recent rulings in other states, this ruling was issued from a state judge whose jurisdicition is severely limited. That means his ruling only applies to the county over which he presides, which is the southernmost county of Monroe. This county includes Key West and other cities situated west of Miami-Dade. The state will continue by appealing the ruling and defending the ban. Evan Wolfson, the President of Freedom to Marry, issued a statement after the ruling. 

Like an unprecedented wave of state and federal courts across the country this past year, Judge Garcia did the right thing in affirming that committed same-sex couples share in the precious constitutional freedom to marry the person we love. Florida’s same-sex couples and their loved ones want what all families want: joy, protections, security, and respect – just what the freedom to marry is all about. We can now add Florida’s voice to the urgent need for the Supreme Court to take a freedom to marry case and bring the entire country to national resolution, ending marriage discrimination across America.

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