Florida cities to the state: Let marriage equality begin

The Florida cities of Tampa, St, Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami Beach filed a joint amicus brief in support of marriage equality. They were joined by the popular LGBT cities of Wilton Manors, Biscayne Park, and Broward County, which had approved a marriage equality resolution in June.

LGBT advocates are looking forward to October 24, when Attorney General Pam Bondi will decide if she will oppose a request that a federal judge lift a stay and allow marriage licenses to be issues to same-sex couples in Florida. Several judges have already struck down the ban on marriage equality in the state. 

Earlier this month, the US Supreme Court paved the way for marriages for same-sex couples to commence in 13 states by refusing to hear appeals of five circuit court rulings that found state bans unconstitutional. The ACLU and lawyers for plaintiffs in a concurrent case immediately asked Judge Hinkle to lift the stay he put in place in January when he declared the ban a violation of equal protection and due process.

Today 60% of the country lives in 32 states where same-sex marriage is legal. Equality Florida said " In all those states, the result was simple: People got married, and happy, loving couples' relationships and families were finally respected by their states." Something so simple is always made into a big deal, if same-sex marriage could be passed in 32 states then it should be pasted in all.