Florida ACLU Launching First Pensacola LGBT Film Festival

The first ever Pensacola LGBT Film Festival will begin in Florida on Monday, October 8th. The ACLU of Florida is sponsoring the event in conjunction with other organizations, including GLAAD and The National Center for Lesbian Rights.

The first screening will be held at the University of West Florida, with the Gay-Straight Alliance student organization sponsoring. The festival will last 4 days through October 11th, and will take place in several popular venues across the city. Best of all, every screening is free.

Tsuyako Trailer from TsuyakoTheFilm on Vimeo.

The importance of the event in this region is not lost on the organizers. "We're really excited about the opportunity to bring this kind of experience to our community," stated Sara Latshaw, Northeast Florida Regional Organizer for the ACLU of Florida. "With this festival, we're sharing stories that transcend stereotypes and celebrate the identities and individuals that are often misrepresented or unheard in our community. We want to start a dialogue in the community, and from that dialogue we will continue to work toward a more tolerant Pensacola where LGBT people can live openly with their identities, relationships and families respected by the community."

Kicking off the festival will be the local premiere of Unfit: Ward vs. Ward, a documentary about a Pensacola woman’s struggle to keep her daughter. Closing night will feature the documentary Mississippi I Am, which highlights how the struggles and advocacy of out Mississippi natives like Lance Bass and Constance McMillen are slowly changing one of the most conservative states in America. 

Details on the free screenings, including the film schedule with synopses, can be found at the festival website here and their Facebook page here.

Mississippi: I AM from Linton Media, Inc. on Vimeo.