First Ever Bisexual Leadership Roundtable at National LGBT Conference


For the first time, a meeting of leaders from local, regional and national bisexual organizations convened at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's 25th annual LGBT conference, Creating Change. The Bisexual Leadership Roundtable (BLR) was organized and facilitated by BiNet USA and the Bisexual Resource Center, and was attended by leaders from several bi groups across the country. BLR attendees worked to establish strategies for addressing the disparities in advocacy for bi people, and set up working groups to focus on segments of organizing, such as political outreach and fundraising plans. 

Bisexual Resource Center president Ellyn Ruthstrom commented on the BLR's founding, saying, "We are excited to have set out a game plan for more communication, sharing of resources, and setting some new strategies for the bi movement. This is only the first meeting, and we are fired up about the future work of the BLR." Referring to attendees of the BLR, BiNet USA president Faith Cheltenham added, "While we may have different mission statements each organization has brought to the table a true commitment to work together on the urgent needs of our deeply underserved community.”

The BLR has established itself as a voice for bisexual advocacy, and attendees will continue to communicate with one another and work toward the goals outlined at Creating Change.