Fire Thrown In Attack On Salt Lake City Gay Bar Patrons


Patrons at a Salt Lake City gay club were bombarded with flaming projectiles after three suspects allegedly launched the unidentified objects over a fence into the club’s crowded patio. Firefighters could not identify the thrown objects that some witnesses believe were flares because they had completely burned. There were no injuries reported from the roughly 30-person group congregated on the patio, but a few patrons managed to catch a glimpse of the assailants as they fled the scene.

One witness, Fernando Noriega, asserted that the attackers would have known the patio was occupied, saying, “Even from here you can't miss the fact there's lots of people there. You can hear the people; see the people so you know there are people in there…They definitely knew what they were doing.” Police are investigating the incident with descriptions of the alleged suspects and their vehicle. GLAAD urges the media to cover this story responsibly, and to provide updates as more information becomes available.