Finding Home: Web series chronicles LGBTQ refugees

Finding Home is a documentary web series following LGBTQ immigrants seeking asylum in Los Angeles. The series is directed by Abraham Troen, a Davis Peace Prize winner who has worked on previous film projects promoting human rights.

The series chronicles the difficulties of belonging in a society where love and acceptance are conditional. The refugees are impacted by discrimination based on immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, race and national origin. The unique stories that document each person's search to find a place to call home are ultimately connected by the universal truths of love, family and peace.

"To me home means safety, love and trust", says Stacy, a Salvadoran asylum seeker who above all desires to live her life with grace, security and freedom.

The series will be released by spring, 2017. Three to five episodes are planned along with an accompanying website which will be launched during June for pride month. The producers are currently seeking funding with the help of Kickstarter.