Finally, they were able to say "yes"

A gay couple in Mexicali, Mexico, a city located in Northern Mexico, was faced with a local government that opposed their right to get legally married. They tried, and tried, and tried again being rejected a total of three times. On the fourth try, Victor Manuel Aguirre and Fernando Urias were successfully wed in the local City Hall. They were forced to submit more paperwork and evidence than a heterosexual couple, such as HIV tests proving they are both HIV negative. The local government was doing everything in their power to stop this couple's marriage. One of the times they were denied, they were told that they "suffer[ed] from madness". The couple and the LGBT supporters in the area started a successful social media movement with the hashtag "MisDerechosNoSonLocura" which translates to "My Rights Aren't Madness". There was an outpouring of support from the LGBT community in the surrounding areas, and organizations like LGBT México, and Jóvenes LGBT México (LGBT Youth in Mexico), helped boost this couple's story. They had been trying to wed legally since June of 2013, and now over a year later, they were successfully married January 17, 2015. This is a huge victory for the LGBT community in Mexico, and the world.


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