Filmmaker Anne Clements Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New LGBT Gaming Documentary Featuring GaymerConnect

Filmmaker Anne Clements in conjunctions with GaymerConnect, the first convention dedicated to LGBT gaming culture, is using Kickstarter to fund the production of a documentary titled Gayming in Color: Queers and Gaymers of the Pixelated World. The documentary will explore LGBTQ presence in the gaming community, and tell the story of the creators of GaymerConnect.

Following the success of their past Kickstarter campaigns, including one to fund a gaming convention for people "of all colors of the rainbow" which raised an impressive $91,000, producer Anne Clements has launched another Kickstarter campaign to fund GaymerConnect's new cinematic endeavor.

Clements and GaymerConnect are dedicated to creating a safe space for gamers by shedding light on same-sex relationships within the gaming world. In particular, the documentary will highlight the organization's efforts to cultivate a more LGBT-inclusive industry climate by taking steps to combat bullying and homophobia.

According to GaymerConnect, “The gaming world is far more diverse than the media would have you think. To counter this, we’ll be documenting the experiences of LGBT and women gamers/game developers to introduce perspectives you may not have seen before.”

The Kickstarter Campaign, which launched on March 6, has a goal of raising $125,000 by the April 6th deadline. With 41 days to go, GaymerConnect is hoping to garner as much support as their last campaign to fund this unprecedented and important contribution to the LGBTQ "gayming" community.

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