Film Featuring Openly Gay Bishop Gene Robinson Denied 'Family Friendly' Status

The Dove Foundation, an organization whose mission is to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment, has denied Director Macky Alston’s critically-acclaimed documentary LOVE FREE OR DIE its “Family Approved” seal. 

Love Free or Die is a powerful and inspiring film about church and state, love and marriage, faith and identity — and one man’s struggle to dispel the notion that God’s love has limits. The film, winner of a “Special Jury Prize for An Agent of Change” at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, features Gene Robinson, the first openly gay person to be elected bishop in Christendom, as he takes on the church’s stance and claims a place for all people.

GLAAD partnered with LOVE FREE OR DIE at both the Sundance and Outfest film festivals in 2012, holding discussions with Bishop Robinson and Alston and talking about the pro-LGBT work that is being done in religious communities.

Dove's reason for rejecting the film?

“Since Dove seeks to promote wholesome entertainment for the family, [and] this particular DVD is certainly educational in various spots but assuredly is too controversial to be considered ‘family friendly’ and many of our Dove faithful will take exception to its liberal views.” The review also took the film to task, stating “Despite Gene Robinson’s likable personality, this DVD shows he and his ‘partner’ Mark share a quick kiss, his blessing of lesbian couples, his walking hand in hand with his partner, and also a rebuke from a man while he is speaking, with the man telling him to ‘repent’.”

The full review can be read at The Dove Foundation's web site. Type "Love Free or Die" into the search box.

"Families deal with controversial matters all the time, about which there is more than one opinion. And every man, woman and child in America is having to deal with the issue of gay and lesbian people in the culture and in our religious institutions -- whether they feel positively or negatively about it," Said Bishop Gene Robinson. "Why is it not ‘friendly’ to families to offer responsible resources to think through this important issue of our time from a Christian perspective?”

"Love Free or Die is about one man who struggles for his own place in the world, and in so struggling, creates a place for many other people who don't feel like they fit in," said Ross Murray, GLAAD's Director of News and Faith Initiatives. "This is a film that families should watch together and discuss. It's not one to be censored."

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