FIFA takes action to address anti-LGBT slurs at the World Cup #StopTheSlurs

FIFA has opened an investigation action against Mexico for chanting anti-LGBT slurs in the stadium of the World Cup. Both Brazil and Mexico fans were reported to be chanting anti-LGBT slurs in their game against one another. Additionally, Russia and Croatia are reported to have unfurled racist and anti-Semite banners. The Telegraph reports:

Brazil could face punishment for the “homophobic” behaviour of their fans after they were reported to Fifa over chants heard in their World Cup draw with Mexico. The Fare network, which is monitoring discriminatory behaviour at the tournament, alerted the world governing body to supporters’ use of the word “Puto” at the Group A game in Fortaleza.

Brazil and Mexico were both reported for aiming the abusive word - meaning male whore - at the opposition goalkeeper, with the visitors also cited for the same chant in their opening victory against Cameroon.

Fifa confirmed it had opened disciplinary proceedings against Mexico over the “improper conduct” of their spectators in that game.

GLAAD has called on FIFA to proactively address anti-LGBT slurs at the World Cup, which have been common in FIFA stadiums around the world. Anti-LGBT slurs are often used as insults between players on the field, but are also shouted by crowd members. Reports indicate that t-shirts have even been printed in Brazil, the event's host country, that have anti-LGBT slurs featured on the front. GLAAD is taking action against anti-LGBT slurs in the World Cup with the #stoptheslurs campaign. 

Many sports teams and organizations have taken action in recent years to stop the slurs, from the baseball field to the wrestling arena. Take a look at some of the work that has been accomplished!

In 2010 the New York Yankees took a stand against homophobic abuse by fans in their stadium. Security guards at the stadium warned fans that their homophobic abuse would not be tolerated and would result in ejection from the stadium.

In 2011 GLAAD worked with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to spread an anti-bullying message after viewers complained of a series of homophobic taunts by wrestler John Cena. WWE stated that the organization is against bullying and discrimination based on sexual orientation, and some of the WWE stars came together to shoot this anti-bullying PSA:

In 2011 the Los Angeles Lakers addressed anti-LGBT slurs after player Kobe Bryant used a derogatory slur on the court. The Lakers committed to their mission of keeping foul language and slurs out of the game. Lakers players shot this anti-discrimination PSA:

In 2013 both the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) reinforced their policies on discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation, and both committed to valuing diversity on the field.  

For the 2014 World Cup, as millions of fans are tuning in, GLAAD has been sharing LGBT information related to the games, and asking FIFA and fans to #StopTheSlurs. Visit to learn more. And share these videos on social media!